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Recent Show
Solo exhibition of paintings and installation
From 11th - 17th July 2011
Kala Ghoda, M. G. Road, Mumbai-1, India
Contact- +91-9930300064, rekhakrana@gmail.com
       The artist belongs to a village of Hazaribag district of Jharkhand, India Which is full of natural beauty and genuine folk life. The exhibition has been titled “broken wings and brazen valley”. Her paintings shows close relationship and deep sensivity with the folk life.
       The mobilization of the people begins with noble aim to render justice to the deprived. When young boys and girls are recruited in naxal army, they are given the dreams of equal distribution of natural resources and development in the area as not to be looted away by the capitalists. It is,however, leading to the disenchantment when another mafia within the naxalite formation surfaces and plunders the fruits of hard work done by the locals. Ironically, there is no U turn once a person is identified as the part of such army; firstly, because the police has branded them as naxalite and secondly, they would not be allowed by the commanders to quit the job. Now the lives face bloody dilemma where on either side there is a trench of death.
       As per the available data Jharkhand alone has more than 40% mineral deposits of India. This state is the biggest producer of mica in the world. Further no separate mention is required to tell the world that the state is full of forests, rivers, hills- major sources of stone slabs and grits and above all people of area (human resource) are hard working, sincere and honest. In spite of all favourable geographical and economic conditions the state lags in the race of development. The government policies, political interferences and corrupt governments have compounded the miserable economic health of the state.
       A question may always crop up in the minds of people as to what role an artist can play to address the naxalite problem in India, particularly Jharkhand . The answer to this question is –the government always looks at this from from the angle of law and order . but the fact is that the emergence of ultra activities in the state is on account of several complex factors pertaining to socio-economic conditions of inhabitants. No person would raise the weapon to be part of the extremist leftist army, if his hands are full and stomach is fed with bread. Secondly, there have been invasions on the culture and customs of the people of the state by pervert intruders. The ethnic societies have not accepted any such cunning moves in a friendly manner even before the onset of naxalism. The contractors and urbanites were always looked at from the angle of suspicion. The natives always consider such inroads to their abodes as attack on the culture as well as a tactics of exploitation. The economic backwardness , lack of medical facilities insecurities vis-a-vis their counterparts in the towns and cities had always seeded malice in their hearts. Further poor education facilities, dearth of employment opportunities wakened them up to new aspirations.To sum up, the problem is multidimensional. Therefore it was imperative on the part of the government and social organizations to address this problem with sympathy and sensitivity . I think an artist can better understand and communicate such complex ideas to the masses in an effective manner.
MED : Installation in wood and metal
       This installation refers to the odds faced by the people in naxal hit areas. Their life has become bed of thorns. Their physical conditions area deplorable, Marred by day to day violence and unrest. They are also abreast with the double jeopardy of underdevelopment and chaos.
Broken wings & brazen valley
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